Turning Old Bungalow into a Dream Starter House!

March 09, 2020

Sometimes the house needs a little more than just good staging.

This typical bungalow came with a mess of a kitchen, shoddy floors and an unfinished basement.

It could have been a perfect starter home for a young family, but it clearly needed much work to be desirable.

Simply staging this house would have been pointless, like putting lipstick on a pig.

Our team clearly had its work cut out for it.

We scanned the property and created a digital model of the house with its exact dimensions.

Next, we transformed an upstairs mess of a kitchen into a temple of fine cuisine arts.

To warm up the place we turned a dingy living room into a gorgeous gathering place for the entire family & guests.

New families & Millenials need to be proud of their homes. What better way to showcase your lifestyle and entertain your guests than enjoy some wine by the fireplace.

Bedrooms were much to be desired off.

A comfortable, modern bedroom is essential to a stylish and pleasant home. So we fully renovated it and staged in the latest fashion furniture!

Kid’s bedroom was turned into a stylish, safe, and fun environment

This will make any teenage girl scream of excitement!

The basement was a major eyesore.

Unfinished and ugly it was turning people off. It was a mess of old appliances, construction garbage, and scary yellow walls.

We had to make it a comfortable living space for the entire family.

Our interior designer team had created a second kitchen with all the latest appliances.

We turned one of the concrete boxes into a stylish entertainment area.

Transformed ugly mess into a beautiful bedroom.

The basement had plenty of space for additional rooms, but that required additional walls to be erected, to make a new bedroom & washroom.

Finally! What the house needed was a pleasant laundry room.

Old laundry with antique appliances was a major soar spot. We turned it into a stylish, ergonomic space.

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