WOWZLER® Virtual Renovation:
The best way to sell your house

The first impression is everything. And if your house is old, outdated, or in poor shape, you might be thinking you can just do a quick cleanup or pre-sale cosmetic renovation to get it ready. Let us show you why WOWZLER’s pre-sale solution is the better way to go.

Show the true potential of your home with WOWZLER® virtual renovation

What a difference WOWZLER® makes

Easy and stress-free sale of your house.

WOWZLER® empowers sellers to make a great first impression with potential buyers. From setting you up with a top-notch real estate agent to completing the virtual renovation in a week, WOWZLER’s experienced team of real estate and technology experts handle it all for you.

Work with the best realtor in your area

WOWZLER® partners with only the most successful, productive real estate agents in North America. We’ll connect you with a local WOWZLER® Team Realtor who’s familiar with our technology and process and will be able to list and sell your home in record time.

Skip the in-home renovation

Virtual renovation keeps you from spending thousands on a needless renovation. It also provides your buyer with a beautiful and custom design project as well as contractor referrals so they can easily turn your old house into their modern dream home.

Show off your house in the best light

It’s hard for buyers to see the value in buying an older house until someone actually shows them its potential. WOWZLER® does just that. After we scan the property, we digitally renovate and stage it in the form of beautiful, detailed, and ultra-realistic 3D tours and photos.

Make more money on the sale

Since many homeowners only recoup about half of their money from in-home renovations, our virtual renovation is a more cost-effective approach. For starters, there’s no upfront costs. Plus, your agent will be able to sell the house at top dollar thanks to the custom renovation we design.

It’s the more eco-friendly approach

Virtual renovation is much better for sustainability. For starters, it reduces the chances of a double renovation taking place. It also encourages buyers to keep the existing structure rather than demolishing it. And ready-to-go design projects keep errors and environmental waste low.

What the WOWZLER® virtual
renovation process looks like

Step 1

Sign up with WOWZLER® and Our Top Realtor

Get a property valuation based on its potential to sell with the virtual renovation.

Your realtor will sell your property with the help of the custom virtual renovation project, so it gets factored into the proposed selling price.

Step 2


One of our photographers will visit your house to scan the property.

The whole thing takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete and the photographer will wear PPE during the visit.

Step 3

Virtual Renovation

WOWZLER® prepares the virtual renovation and staging of your home.

The 3D tours, photos, and videos of your digitally transformed house will be ready in a week.

Step 4

MLS Listing & Sale

Your agent lists and sells your home quickly and for a big payday.

You sell your house as-is, quickly, and for top dollar. And your agent avoids the hassle of staging the house while making a big commission. Everyone wins.

Step 5

New Owners Renovate

The new owners transform their home as they see fit.

Your buyer also walks away a winner. Not only do they get a custom design project, but they get quotes from three 5-star local contractors to turn your old house into their dream home.

The truth about home renovation

You’re ready to sell your house. You have 3 options on what to do before you put it on the market. Know what you’re getting yourself into before you commit to one of these paths:

No Renovation
  • House goes on the market as is
  • House goes unsold for months or you receive offers way below your asking price
  • Bargain hunter or flipper finally buys the house.
  • They take the money they made on the purchase and put it towards an expensive renovation.
  • They then turn around and sell the house for a big markup.
WOWZLER® Virtual Renovation
  • You sign up with WOWZLER®
  • You hire one of our affiliate agents
  • 1 photographer spends 2-3 hours in your home doing the scan
  • We deliver the virtual renovation to you and your agent
  • House goes on the market as is
  • The agent sells your home as is within weeks
Internal Renovation
  • You hire a real estate agent
  • You research cheap renovation options and borrow $$$ to pay for it
  • Contractors drag debris, dust, and germs into your home while they work
  • The light renovation is complete - carpets are torn out, cabinets replaced, etc.
  • House goes on the market
  • The house stays on the market for months
  • Someone buys the house, but you fail to recoup your investment in the reno and house

WOWZLER® Virtual Renovation FAQ

Common Questions

To sell a house for a great price, you need an excellent agent and a fantastic presentation.

WOWZLER® takes care of both!

Your house will make a great impression with buyers and our top-producing agent will make sure you get the best possible price.

No. WOWZLER® Virtual Renovation gets you the best price for your house without the need for a physical renovation.

Many homeowners have to take out loans to cover the cost of a DIY renovation. And, oftentimes, they’re done with low-quality materials and fixtures to save on costs.

The even more unfortunate thing is that many new owners end up ripping out all the new stuff put in and then renovate the house according to their taste.

So, why spend even more money on a house you’re not going to live in? Let the new owners decide how they want to renovate it.

We are a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario, but our services are global.

Learn more about the WOWZLER® team here.

A recent study shows that people who renovate on their own will only make back about 54% of their renovation costs. But if you don’t renovate, you risk having to settle for selling your house to a bargain hunter or flipper — and losing even more money.

WOWZLER® makes the process easier and assures better results than if you were to try and do this on your own.

Learn more about the features and benefits here.

How it works

We work with top local contractors from our extensive network. We submit documentation to the contractors and forward the quotes to your realtor. The quotes are provided to demonstrate the cost of potential renovation.

Once the property is sold, the new owners will be able to establish the scope of work, select the materials and finishes, and work directly with the contractor (ours or their own).

Our technology is very versatile and is restricted only by the laws of physics, construction codes and common sense.

We can show your house with 3 extra floors, if you would like. However, that probably won’t go over well with the buyers. What we can do though is make small, necessary modifications like turning your kitchen into an open concept or fully finishing your basement.

No. Zero preparation is required. Virtual renovation can make houses in the worst of conditions look great.

Just leave everything as is and save thousands in clean-up costs.

It takes 7 business days for us to complete a project for a 1500- to 2000-sq ft house.

Larger, more complex properties (e.g. additional kitchens, 5+ bathrooms, etc.), will take longer to complete.

WOWZLER® Virtual Renovation is created in a style that best works on your local market. Our award-winning interior designers and stagers will make sure your house looks its best and attracts the most buyers.

The time needed to scan the property depends on its size.

To give you an idea of what to expect, it takes about 2 hours to scan an average-sized 2000-sq ft home.

Our Services

Yes, WOWZLER® will be happy to work with a contractor of your choice.

Yes, we can virtually renovate just the areas that need it and virtually stage the rest of the house.

However, we can’t do just a kitchen or just a bathroom. The whole property will be included in the project.

Yes, WOWZLER® can create photo-realistic visualizations, so you can see what your ideas look like in real life! Just send us your blueprints, architectural drawings, and floor plans and we will bring your ideas to life.

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