Get to know WOWZLER®

It’s easy to focus on just our virtual renovation solution. However, WOWZLER® is much more than that.

High-tech solution

We’ve developed a high-tech solution to help homeowners with a very old problem.
  • Question: How do you renovate a house that’s old or in bad shape without throwing away your savings or the profits you make from the house (if any)?
  • Answer: By not renovating it.

In 2019, we launched our end-to-end virtual real estate service to the North American market. We provide the real estate agents and the technology and enable you to show off the best version of your home to buyers willing to spend top dollar.

Our Mission

We see a lot of problems with how real estate is being done and want to bring much-needed changes not just to the real estate process, but to the way owners approach selling their homes. These are the driving principles behind our mission:

  • Empower owners and real estate agents to sell properties quickly and for more money.
  • Give buyers the chance to find their dream home even if they can’t imagine it in its current state
  • Make real estate sales a win for everyone: the owner, agent, buyer, and the environment
  • Help the real estate industry technologically innovate so it can keep up with today’s buyers
  • Provide a safer and stress-free way for owners to renovate and stage older properties
  • Contribute to a cleaner, greener world through eco-friendly & energy efficient renovations


Sellers and buyers aren’t the only winners here.

Virtual renovation helps to preserve historical structures, reduces the rate of double renovations, and contributes to a cleaner world with eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances.