A new architecture visualization tool for real estate investors. It doesn’t matter what your real estate investment strategy is. Whether you flip properties or renovate and hold onto them, WOWZLER® provides the technology that makes it easier to do.

What WOWZLER® can do for you

  • Virtual Renovation Services

Have a property you want to offload without remodeling?

Flip it with WOWZLER® virtual renovation. You’ll get a better price for your property - and FAST!
  • Real Estate Visualization Services

Renovating an investment property, but nervous about costly delays and cost overruns?
Get a custom design and 3D visualization to guide your project.

Get ready to reap the benefits


If you plan to flip your property:

  • Attract buyers with more refined tastes

  • Use 3D tours and images that help buyers see the true potential in their new home

  • Virtual renovation takes a week so you can flip your property in no time

  • Make a bigger profit than you would doing a traditional renovation

  • Improve your client satisfaction rate and watch the positive reviews pour in

If you plan to renovate and keep it:

  • Visualize the property before you start construction

  • Make it easier for contractors to get the job done with complete and custom design projects

  • Showcase the potential of your properties to private lenders and venture investors

  • Advertise to tenants before the renovation is complete

  • Avoid costly design mistakes and construction delays


How WOWZLER® virtual renovation works

WOWZLER® is a world-leading provider of virtual renovation and real estate rendering services.
And when we say these tools are game changers for real estate investors, we really mean it.
Here’s what you need to know:

Any property can be completely renovated and fully furnished in a week’s time with virtual renovation.

No matter what your vision is we can make it happen with the help of our extensive library of construction materials, finishes and furniture.

Your virtual renovation shows the current condition as well as a preview of what the property will look like after the complete renovation and staging.

WOWZLER® can change the layout of your property, like including a finished basement, moving the walls around, and visualizing additions that don’t yet exist.

WOWZLER® can also transform the scale of your property, converting a single residential property into multiplex dwellings.

Our beautifully rendered and staged interiors are housed within our web app for easy access and exploration.

Every virtual renovation comes with a custom design project created by WOWZLER’s team of interior designers, decorators and 3D artists.

We pay extra attention to electrical, plumbing and HVAC during the virtual renovation stage, so the contractor won’t have any trouble turning our designs into your reality.

The choice is yours: You can complete the renovation with your own crew or do a virtual flip and let the new owners carry out the virtual renovation they fell in love with.

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