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Sell what it can be, not as it is

Showcase your property with Wowzler® :

Sell the joy, not the unfinished basement

  • Transform a challenging property into a desirable product
  • Make a great first impression with ultra-realistic, NOW/WOW virtual tours and NOW/WOW interior images
  • Property is completely renovated and staged with fashionable furniture and accessories
  • Wowzler® provides 3 quotes from 5-star contractors to seal the deal

We deliver:

  • NOW/WOW Virtual Tours
  • NOW/WOW Interior Images
  • Exterior Images
  • Detailed Floor Plans of the Property
  • MLS Ready Image Gallery
  • 3 Quotes from 5-Star Contractors

(To point out the price of turning the property into what buyers see in WOW mode).

Sell the vision, not the old kitchen cabinets

Slide "Buying a house is more than a financial decision - it's
an emotional decision as well"
"Real estate photo enhancement is reaching new heights as
desperate sellers look to sell imperfect homes."
"A staggering number of people... use the Internet during their home search.
That means that your home had better show really well"
A listing's photograph either makes or breaks the sale"

NOW vs WOW!!!

Turn your worst listenings into your best portfolio presentations!

The Process

  • At homeowners convenience, our specialist will visit the property to take a detailed scan and exterior photos.
  • Your client just needs to let us in. No cleaning, moving furniture, or making repairs is necessary.
  • Obtained images will become the “NOW” part of NOW/WOW virtual tour.
  • We take the scan data and turn it into a highly precise 3d model of the property.
  • We virtualy re-do floors, paint the walls, change appliances and fixtures to make the property look new, fresh and upscale.
  • Our team of 3D artists and interior designers stages the property in fashionable furniture for an impressive presentation.
  • We provide you with a link to the virtual reality tour.
  • You post it to the MLS and the property page on your site.
  • Attract more interested buyers and sell the property fast.

Test-Drive the Wowzler App

see the DEMO
see the DEMO


Q: Can I send you some photos to edit?
A: Sorry, we don’t edit photos. We build 3D virtual reality models of the property from scratch.

Q: ​Do we need to prepare the property before you arrive?
A: ​No. Zero preparation is required. Just leave everything as is. Leave the dirty dishes in the sink if you wish! It’s better if you DON’T clean up around the house, as the NOW/WOW pictures will then have an even greater impact.

Q: How do you get the contours of the space you’re going to model?
A: ​Our specialist will need a quick visit to the property with special equipment to scan the entire property.

Q: How much time does the scan take?
A: The amount of time needed to scan the property depends on its size. For an average-sized home, it should take about an hour for us to complete the scan.

Q: Is it legal to post 3-D virtual renovation tours to the MLS?
A: ​Absolutely, as long as you make it clear this tour represents what this property might look like after a renovation, not what it looks like right now.

Virtual Renovation Samples








floor_00_cam_02w (1212-Tyandaga-Park)

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