Old Luxury Homes are Easy to Sell with WOWZLER®

August 06, 2020

Old luxury homes grow old with their owners. They age, fall out of style, have leaky roofs, squeaky joints, and mold issues just like their owners. Built to reflect the tastes and preferences of their original owners, they often become time capsules of times long gone. What was hot when the house was built is now passe and old junk. They sit collecting dust and embalming memories of their owners. Yet, sooner or later, they end up with for sale sign on the front lawn.

Buyers looking to buy property in the prestigious neighborhood want their house to reflect their contemporary lifestyle and taste. The last thing they want to deal with is a property that was neglected for years, has water damage, structural issues, mold, asbestos, and a heritage building designation.

Old luxury homes in such a state tend to sit on the market for many months, sometimes even years until the right buyer comes along.

Luxury homes are costly to update. You can’t just paint walls, throw new laminate and call it a day. To properly prepare the property for sale will take tens of thousands of dollars to do it right.

Besides, new owners might have a very different idea about the interior design of their new home, making any pre-sale reno not worth the investment. A recent study by National Remodeling magazine found that upscale updates have only 60% ROI.

WOWZLER® offers a new way of selling old luxury homes.

Instead of throwing money away, we offer potential buyers a glimpse at what can be done with the property.

WOWZLER® will create a Virtual Renovation Tour that buyers will be able to explore room by room. We will show the current condition of the property and what it can be.

Instead of making excuses for the property condition, a realtor can show a new luxury design project that comes fully priced by premiere local contractors.

With WOWZLER® Virtual Renovation, you can list the property in just one week instead of waiting for weeks and months for pre-sale reno to complete.

We will even place a luxury car into an old garage.

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