Should you Spend Thousands Renovating the House You’re not Going to Live in?

October 20, 2020

If you are planning to sell an old house, right now is the best time to do so. The market is red hot, and prices are going up. But what if your home needs updates or reno? Should you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a property you’re about to sell?

Most of the realtors will insist that you spend your hard-earned savings on a pre-sale renovation. They will argue that it will be hard for people to see beyond old kitchen cabinets and carpets. They are correct! Most buyers lack the imagination to see what potential your house has! It’s a problem that plaques even new construction houses. That is precisely why a good realtor will spend thousands of dollars on staging and professional photography.

However, this approach doesn’t work for outdated properties that need renovation. There is no magic tricks photographer can do to hide worn out carpets, wooden panels and old kitchen cabinets. Even the most modern trendy staging furniture will stand out like a sore thumb in the outdated interior. Top-producing realtors know that such properties will not show well without significant investment and might sit on the market for many months. The alternative strategy is to list the property at a substantial discount and hope for a bidding war. This approach works, but only when buyers can see the true value of the property.

To sell the property fast and for a reasonable price, you need an excellent presentation only WOWZLER® Virtual Renovation can provide. WOWZLER® had created a new way of selling old houses that need updates or renovation fast and for more money.

WOWZLER® Virtual Reno shows the property in its current condition and as a stylish, fully renovated home. We provide everything potential buyers will need to see the property potential and make a buying decision.

Within a week, we will deliver a stylish presentation for your home. Our Virtual Renovation comes with an easy-to-use and drop-dead gorgeous virtual tour, MLS images, floor plans and more. WOWZLER® can virtually finish the basement, remove or add partition walls, replace kitchens, or update bathrooms. We pay extra attention to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC when designing Virtual Renovation.

We provide quotes only from top local contractors. With WOWZLER® Virtual Renovation, buyers will know how much they will need to spend on renovation and choose several contractors ready to start the renovation.

No matter where your property is, WOWZLER® can turn the old house into a desirable property. You don’t need to clean up, hire contractors, deal with deadlines and delays. With WOWZLER®, there is no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a house you will not live in.

WOWZLER® prides itself on taking special care of small, essential details. Our interior designers’ team creates stylish, modern, and comfortable living spaces that enrich the buyer’s experience living in their new home. We re-invent each room, introducing new ideas and adding a touch of personality to each of our projects.

To learn more about WOWZLER® Virtual Renovation, please call us at 1-844-613-3131