Ontario is Set to Re-Open for Business Soon™ Is your Real Estate Practice Ready?

May 12, 2020

On May 14, 2020, the Ontario Government is going to announce a slow process of re-opening the province for business. After a month of closures, restrictions and isolation, Ontarians will be returning to normal life. One thing for sure, we are not going back to the same old business as usual.

Over the last several months, the real estate industry has changed significantly. Digital Signatures, Zoom Meetings and Virtual Tours are now the norms.

Your clients expect more from realtors. Open houses are now thing of the past! Now, every listing has to come with Virtual Tour.

But what if the property is not in great shape.What if it looks like this?


Should you still list it as is? Virtual Tour is going to scare potential buyers away. You can easily spend thousands and thousands of dollars preparing the property for the listing. De-cluttering, cleaning, cosmetic renovation, staging are expensive. Do you want to be on the hook for hefty monthly payments while the property sits on the market?

There is another option!

WOWZLER® will make a gorgeous virtual tour for any property no matter what condition it’s currently in.

WOWZLER® will showcase the true potential of any old, tenanted or heavily customized property.

Click here to see the sample.