Do you Have an Empty House or Condo to List?

May 19, 2020

A few months ago, you would stage it and run open houses to sell it in a few weeks.

In a post-COVID market, you need to have a Virtual Tour to sell your listings. You would still want to show a staged property, but who knows how long it will take to sell it? Should you still pay monthly staging fees?

Virtual Staging is the solution. However, most Virtual Staging companies will only touch up a few photos for you, while Virtual Tours will still show bare walls.

If only there was a way to showcase Virtually Staged properties within Virtual Tour?!

WOWZLER® Virtual Staging showcases a virtually staged property within a Virtual Tour.

We’ll arrange one of our photographers to scan the property safely.

Using the latest technology, our award-winning staging team will place fashionable furniture and accessories.

We will deliver Virtually Staged Tour to you within a few business days.

Our Virtual Tour will showcase the best qualities of your listings within one convenient web application.

Every room in the house will be explorable by potential buyers.

The staged areas will be viewable in its current condition and fully staged.

Our expert team will make sure that each property is staged tastefully and appropriately for your market.

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